Are you concerned about your child’s safety? Keeping your child safe all the time means to keep him /her in adult supervision. But in reality, it is not at all possible because the child will go to school and may also require staying in the daycare as you and your partner may be working. 

Hence, the best way to go about it is to lay down some safety guidelines for your kid both inside and outside the house. In addition to that, you must implement a few important changes, which will ensure your kid’s overall well being. 


10 Safety rules you should teach your kids


Top 10 Safety Rules You Must Teach Your Child 

Here we have listed down 10 safety rules that will help in ensuring the safety of your child:


  • Know Your Name, Number And Address:

Your child must know you and your partner’s name as well as contact details. And should be able to share it in case of emergency. In addition to that, your child must know the address of the home along with the landmarks. You can help out your child learn these necessary details by having them practice it regularly at home. 



  • Not To Go Anywhere With A Stranger:

Your child should very well know that, whatever may be the situation or the reason given by the stranger, it is not safe to go anywhere with a stranger. If any such situation occurs, they should stay where they are and shout out for help. Let them know in an emergency; only your immediate family members like grandparents or aunts or uncles will come to pick them up, and not the strangers. 



  • Do Not Eat Anything Given By A Stranger:

You must teach your child about the dangers associated with eating food that is offered by a stranger. It may seem tempting, but your child should know that if a stranger gives it, it means he/she should not consume it. Train them to politely refuse the offer in case someone is offering food in your absence.



  • Playing With Fire Is Not Allowed:

Whether you are at home or not, your child should know that playing with fire is absolutely not allowed. In only your presence, your child can come near fire or so any experimentation. To ensure the safety of your child, make sure that all the fire outlets are out of your child’s reach. 



  • Should Not Climb The Fence:

If, while playing with a ball, it bounces off out of the fence or enters someone else’s property, let them know that they are not to try to retrieve the ball by climbing up the wall or going out of the boundaries, which are set by you. Instead, they should ask for help from elders instance, the staff at the daycare or schoolteacher. 



  • Should Not Go Alone:

As discussed above, your child should know that it is not permissible to go anywhere alone. If your child needs to go anywhere, you or some known adult should accompany your child at all times.



  • Touching Your Kid’s Body Is Not Allowed:

This is the most important safety rule for your child and should be taught about as soon as your child gains basic knowledge about the body parts. You should teach them what good touch and bad touch is. You must tell your child that no one is allowed to touch your child except mommy and, if needed papa. In case anyone else touches their body, they should immediately shout for help to alert people around.



  • If Your Child  Gets Lost:

In case your child gets lost, teach them that they are expected to stay where they are and look around for some other moms who are having kids. Your child may ask for help from her. In the event they get lost in the mall or any supermarket, they should walk up to the counter of any store or security guards and let them know that he/she is lost and share your contact details. 



  • No Sharing Of Details With Strangers:

Your child should understand that it is unsafe to share contact details, email address, and pictures with strangers. Any information should be shared with strangers only with your consent or in your presence.



  • Uncomfortable Indicates Saying No:

If doing anything makes your child feel uncomfortable, then your child should not do it. It can be taking off clothes or dancing inappropriately in front of others. If your child is not feeling comfortable about it, your child should not do it, no matter how many friends are doing the thing. 


It is a need of time that you should teach your child about these basic safety rules as soon as they are of age to understand. Although there are certain things that you can start teaching your child as early as three years of age, make sure you talk to your child in a language that is appropriate for their age. 


Top 10 safety rules you must teach your child
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