Primary and Middle School Curriculum

Indian School of Excellence is in the process of affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. 2017-18 was the first batch of the school starting from June 2017. Currently the school is admitting students from Nursery to Grade VIII.


ISE follows the Creative Teaching Model which is a simple, appealing and holistic student-centric approach. It energizes and motivates the teachers to be creative, passionate and reach all learners matching their interests, abilities and learning styles.

The Creative Teaching Model is aimed at exploring the different facets of knowledge and lends itself beautifully to 21st century education needs.  We believe that all individuals are creative and latent potential has to be extricated and utilized in the development of the individual. A teacher thus is not only an expert but a facilitator in this journey. The teacher thus moulds their teaching style to the way students learn. The teachers adopt a variety of techniques to match the varied learning styles of the students.

Students usually have a mode of learning which they benefit most from. When lessons are taught in their preferred style of learning, they are motivated to learn, they relate to the content emotionally and proactively make efforts to learn. They pay attention and work on gaining mastery over the content. An empowered student, an encouraging and responsive learning environment leads to more responsible and mature learners. Thus creative teaching takes into account the levels of knowledge, skills and values to be attained and categorically distributes equal responsibility to the teacher and the taught to make the learning joyful, exciting and challenging.

The Creative Teaching Model incorporates the active teaching learning strategies which focus on student engagement by linking previous knowledge to new knowledge, experiencing joy and fun while learning. Learning happens without any stress and leads to exploring and integrating knowledge from different perspectives.


In addition to drawing strongly from the Creative Teaching Model adopted in primary school,  the academic curriculum for middle school is designed to instil a healthy respect for hard work and to develop sound formal study skills. The learners are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school, they are encouraged to do individual and group work, and become independent .

Public speaking is encouraged, along with independent research work, as such activities help the learners to gain confidence and push their boundaries of understanding even further. Importance is given to discipline and promptness.