Life Skills that Every Child Should Know

February 21, 2019

Children these days seem a little too smart, don't they? After all, they were born in the age of Internet. Even with all their knowledge of technology and their seeming ease with it however, they are sometimes lacking in areas previous generations were not. To be more precise,  the previous generation beats the current generation of children at "Life Skills".

Life skills can be defined in two ways. The first is the skills that make up the foundation of everyday life. These are things like cooking, sewing, gardening, electrical troubleshooting and the like. These are skills which allow children to be able to be a little more independent when they are adults and not need the assistance of specialists thrice a day. The second interpretation of life skills is for those skills which allow people to face a variety of life's challenges better prepared. These skills are things like time management, financial budgeting, healthy eating, social skills like cold outreach, and so on. These skills although not as concrete as the ones in the first category, their impact is massive over time.

In this blog post we will discuss life skills of the latter meaning. Skills that are more abstract but also far more applicable in a variety of situations. So here are the life skills that will be written about here: time management, decision making, financial budgeting,  and making friends.

Time Management

Time management is a skill that children usually pick up through trial and error. Trying to take something that works for someone else and replicating it may not always work out great for your child,. It may rather leave your child disappointed and stressed from not being able to follow through. Instead starting with where they are at right now and making incremental improvements in the direction of orderliness. To start off, try introducing regular meal and sleep times. After getting the hang of that, then work on creating patterns in the tasks your child does daily. For example they could do their studying at the same time everyday.

Decision Making

Decision making can be hard at times. Especially when you're doing something new. Although children do not often get to make big decisions, introducing them to making a few decisions here and there could be great experience for them. The next bit of advice is for when your child makes an unfavourable decision. In these cases your child needs to learn to make a decision and own the outcome of it. This will build their sense of self-dependence and character.


Budgeting ensures you don't overspend but also that you don't underspend on something that you actually want. Educating children to be wise with money is beneficial at a young age. Children need to know how to spend and how not to spend their money. In case your child is given an allowance, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to budgeting. Children will then learn to know how to plan their expenses. Maybe there is something a little expensive they want to buy; By planning to save a portion of their allowance every month they can then make that purchase after several months. In this way, this teaches patience and discipline as well.

Making New Friends

Being able to introduce yourself effectively to a someone to whom you are a stranger is a powerful skill. From an early age if your child is able to overcome inhibitions and learn to make friends easily, it will help them greatly as the years progress. This skill will likely translate into being able to network well when they are adults as well. To enable this skill, try to let your child introduce themselves when you are at a family event or ceremony. You probably have seen it happen often where the parent introduces the child to other parents. Let them do this themselves by which they will develop independence and confidence.

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