Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How is Indian School of Excellence different from the already existing neighborhood schools?

  • Like all the standard international schools we too have excellent infrastructure and offer a holistic curriculum. We have a balanced curriculum and use our learning infrastructure to drive learning.
  • It ensures openness, celebrates diversity and creates a multicultural learning community.
  • The fees are kept affordable while providing all that a child needs for a truly holistic and relevant education.
  • The school environment and curriculum emphasizes the process of learning for understanding, making connections with the real world, applying the learnt knowledge rather than just learning to pass the examination.
  • Indian School of excellence founders, faculty and staff members represent diverse backgrounds and cultures. This would provide the national perspective and also a confluence of the cultures without any boundaries and inhibitions.
  • At ISE Parents are treated as equal partners in the journey of transformation of the child. We will encourage parent participation in major school initiatives and programmes.

How different is the ISE curriculum from the traditional school curricula and how does it help the student?

  • The curriculum and teaching methodology are delivered in a student-centric manner, and students share the responsibility for their learning with teachers as facilitators.
  • Traditional education systems are largely textbook-driven and teacher-directed and the students are, by and large, passive learners. The emphasis is on teaching and testing as the end product, and on the results rather than learning and the process of learning.
  • ISE instead goes by a specially devised curriculum which incorporate its Creative Teaching Model.
  • The ISE programme also integrates recreation, sports and life skills like music, dance, drama, arts, sports and community service into its timetable because this leads to holistic education without compartmentalization which creates responsible and competent adults.

How effective is the faculty at ISE and what level of attention can I expect for my child?

  • ISE handpicks faculty for qualifications, experience in international education both in India and overseas and commitment to the all-round development of students. We look for passionate and positive teachers who love the subject and also love working with children.
  • The school consciously maintains diversity in the teaching community.
  • ISE also has in place a clear retention and succession plan for its faculty whose personal and professional development is what ISE will invest in through in-house training as well as through attendance at national and international teacher workshops and conferences.

Other than in-class academics, what are the skills and activities that will aid in my child’s growth?

  • Other than academics, students will learn to apply knowledge meaningfully to real life situations, become open-minded enquirers, balanced and responsible persons, critical yet, principled and reflective thinkers, effective communicators, responsible risk-takers and caring individuals.
  • Real life projects
  • Community outreach
  • Study tours and excursions
  • International collaborations

How good are the infrastructure and other facilities at ISE?

  • ISE infrastructure is good for delivering a meaningful and effective education and meets international standards in all aspects whether it is academic or co-curricular facilities.

What kind of transportation does the school provide?

  • Safe transport arrangements will be made. Female escorts will be on the buses. GPS driven buses, polite and courteous drivers with helpful escorts. Bus rules will be specified and implemented in accordance with the government rules and regulations.

What measures are in place for the child’s security and safety?

  • Students have a homely and secure atmosphere in the school. They also have opportunities to involve in art and craft, indoor and outdoor games, play music, and do research, experiment and learn both as individuals and groups. The school is a place where their teachers and mentors are in place of their parents.
  • As far as security and safety is concerned, ISE has security systems in place and there are floor wise security attendants at every exit with CCTV cameras in critical areas.
  • Communication systems ensure that any emergency is immediately attended to and parents are informed at the earliest.
  • Emergency Procedures are in place. Students are teachers are trained in the safety measures, first aid as well as disaster management protocols.

How can I keep track of my child’s growth at the school?

  • The student’s progress is regularly monitored through informal and formal assessments. The assessment reports are shared with parents regularly. Parents can directly access their child’s progress online (functionality yet to be deployed) and also during the open houses.

How can ISE help families with both parents working full time jobs?

  • Flexible meeting schedules, weekend home based learning projects, worksheets, and weekly academic updates enable parents to understand the student’s work schedule and progress in school. Social activities are taken care of during the weekends.

As parents returning to India after a stint overseas, are the academics and co-curricular activities integrated as in many schools overseas?

  • ISE integrates music, drama, sports, arts and many other activities into its curriculum. This is in keeping with the school’s belief that co-curricular activities aid in emotional and social development just as the specialised teaching curriculum aids intellectual growth.