Sports Day Celebrations

The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit, but the greatest of these is “Spirit”.

Kinesthetic Intelligence is the ability to use one’s body with great precision, helping to facilitate the implementation of our goals and personal objectives. It is crucial for our well-being to remember the importance of unity, balance, and harmony of both concepts logical and kinesthetic intelligence. At the Indian School of Excellence, we always keep in mind that the body and mind go hand in hand in our development. Indian School of Excellence will be celebrating its Sports Day🤼‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♂️ on 6th February 2020 (Thursday). It is also celebrated as Founders Day.


‘Pragati’ in Hindi means progress. This is the name given to the parent’s teachers’ interactive session at ISE. On this day the students also present the topics and concepts they have learned during the term.

Parents are the pillars of ISE, on 25 Jan 2020 when we hosted Pragathi(PTM) children showcased their learnings in class, in a very creative way.
Grade VII students presented a project on “Conservation of Water”.
While having an interaction about the project with the parents Dr.T.R.Sreekanth and Dr.C.Latha parents of our Prep 2 student Tanushree, cross-questioned the team.
The team consisting of Mohit, Varsha, and Sachin of Grade VII answered their queries.
As a token of appreciation, the parents acknowledged the students with a small gift.
The kids were honored during the assembly by our Principal.
Thank you, dear Parents, for all your cooperation and motivation. It means a lot to us and makes our journey rewarding.

Team ISE

Sankranti Celebrations


At Indian School of Excellence, a special assembly was conducted wherein the students of grade 3 to grade 5 danced/Students of grade 6 to grade 9 sang popular folk songs. Miss. Niranjana, English Facilitator spoke about the significance of the day. post-lunch the children participated in the Rangoli and kite flying activities. As a part of fireless cooking activity students from prep 1 to grade 9 prepared fresh green salad(kosambari) and dry mixture of til, jaggery, groundnut, fried gram, and dry coconut.

Yoga Day

Indian School of Excellence celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June, to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul present. The celebration was held in the school amphitheatre. Students of grade I – VIII along with teachers and parents performed yoga between 8.15 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. The participation of the parents was indeed inspiring to one and all. Different yoga postures like Tadasana, Vrukshasana, Padasthasana, Ardhachakrasana, Dandasana, Janushirasasana, Vajrasana were performed under the guidance of our Physical Education Trainer. We also took this gathering as an opportunity to celebrate Fathers’ Day. The fathers were given a pleasant surprise by their children who presented them with a handmade card wishing; ‘A Happy Fathers’ Day.’ As the world celebrates World Music Day on 21st of June every year, we also took the gathering as an opportunity to have our school choir present a song which was dedicated to all the fathers across the world.

This joyous and memorable event was followed by the school assembly. The celebrations were concluded after the delivery of vote of thanks by Ms Janani Manu, the Academic coordinator of the school and singing of the National Anthem.


Teacher's Induction Program

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”                                           –

-Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada

The induction program has begun for the teachers.  The main objectives of the program being,

  • Familiarize the teachers with school policies and practices.
  • Providing an opportunity for the teachers to analyse and reflect on their teaching along with coaching from veteran educators.

Topics like,

  • Motivation Is Education.
  • Instructional Aids.
  • Education on human values.
  • Activities integrated in pre-primary curriculum.

are being covered through the two weeks induction schedule.  We are planning for more valuable workshops in the months to come which in turn enhances their teaching skills.


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”

-William Butler Yeats

Ready with Red

The Pre Primary Wing of ISE conducted ‘Ready with Red’ activity on 3 Aug , 2018 to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours.  The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful.

Colours are indeed the smiles of nature….. The ‘Red Day’ celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to sort and classify objects based on colours there by reinforcing cognitive skills.

It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness.


Investiture Ceremony

On the 13th of July, Indian School of Excellence got a chance to witness it’s first ever Investiture Ceremony, where the newly elected representatives were sworn in.

The members received their badges from the Chief Guest.  Wing Commander Dr. Nagasubramaniam Sir and Director Ms.T.R. Bhanuprabha.  The Chief Guest gave a wonderful speech on the duties and responsibilities of the chosen leaders. The members of the student council did a crisp march past led by the Head boy and Head girl.

Director Ms.T.R. Bhanuprabha addressed the gathering and inspired the students with her words of encouragement.  The members were sworn in by the Vice Principal of the school.  Mrs. Shakuntala Bhandarkar and were given their badges.

The band team presented a wonderful show. It was a proud moment for the school.  The ceremony was concluded with the Vote of thanks by Cyril Jacob the School Head boy.


Blue Bonkers

The colour blue is associated with calmness, strength, friendship and serenity.

All the tiny tots came dressed in different shades of blue on Friday 10 Aug. The classrooms were decorated with blue duppatas and children were introduced to different shades of blue.

The little ones participated in some vibrant art n craft activities like sponge dabbing, thumb printing and making collages.


Independence Day

The 72nd Independence Day celebrations held at ISE, on 15th Aug 2018 was a memorable event.  The chief guest Major General Prakash, encouraged the children and appreciated their sincere efforts.  The Guest of Honor – Dr.Chhaya Bhargava from the school advisory board also graced the occasion.  The program started with the Guard of Honor led by the student council and the school band.  The National Flag was hoisted by the Chief guest and the guest of honor along with the school Director T. R. Bhanu Prabha.

The First graders represented the different states in their colorful costumes, and a tableau was presented by the students.  The second and fourth graders performed to the tunes of Vande Matram and Sare Jahan se acha.  The third graders rendered a patriotic Hindi poem to remind the audience, of the sacrifices of our armed forces.  It was heartening to see children apply themselves with zeal and zest to the Independence Day celebrations.  The participants left the audience spell bound with their performances and reinforced them with patriotic fervor.


Fireless Cooking

“Our budding Chef’s”
Today our kitchen was our learning lab. Children from Prep 1,2&3 had brought their favourite fruits. There was a lot of enthusiasm to take part in the activity. They used all their senses to examine the different fruits, their texture, taste, colour and smell. Children learnt about hygiene and cleanliness. The importance of having fruits and how it helps us in keeping good health. With the help of teachers the fruit salad was prepared and served to all the tiny tots, teachers and our housekeeping.
The value of “Sharing is Caring” was highlighted through this activity.

MG Active Farm: A Day to be cherished

“It really connected us to farm life and farm activities of a farmer” – Dishamrutha Rajpurohit, Grade V.

“Then came the exciting part. We all went for a tractor ride. We had a good ride.” – Celine Jacob, Grade V.

“We also saw the cocoons of a silk worm and also enjoyed learning how to make a brick, then we had our lunch and enjoyed the dance party.” – Umang Grade VII

Dry Leaf Competition

Design from dry leaves competition was held at ISE on 12th September 2018. The students were asked to collect different kinds of dry leaves and had to imagine some different designs and create unique pictures.


Dusshera celebrations

Navaratri is the celebration of the ‘Shakti’ in us. A special assembly was hosted where in the girls of grade 4 to 8 danced to the spirit of the festival. It was followed by Ms Janani Manu, the coordinator, who spoke about the significance of Dusshera. A sloka chanting session on Goddess Durga was conducted by Ms Jwalamalini. Apart from this, the 4 house boards were also beautifully decked up for the festive season. Keeping to the tradition of “Navratri golu” a doll exhibition was out on display at the Preprimary wing.


Pragathi- Parents Teachers forum (First term,2018)

The first term came to an end with the Pragathi on Saturday, 6 th October 2018.

The parents came in promptly to meet the facilitators and discussed their wards achievements. To enable healthy growth of the child, the areas of improvement of the child were also explained to the parents.
The students of Grade 1 to 8 had a short display of concepts they had learnt during the term.
Also, the sports instructor from BFLA, music instructor from FSM and theatre instructor from Utsaah (The Spirit of Learning) were present in the campus to interact with the parents.


Mid Term Teacher’s training program

Teachers who are continuously learning and upgrading are good educators. Indian School of Excellence also believes in consistently empowering facilitators by conducting regular session on Classroom Management, assessment pattern and teaching techniques.
Ms. Manjula, coordinator and facilitator, interacted and shared her experiences with the ISE team on Tuesday 9th Oct 2018. It was an informative program, well appreciated by all the teachers.
On 10th Oct 2018, Dr Chhaya Bhargava, the founder of Laksh Academy gave a presentation to the teachers on handling classroom situations and techniques to keep the students motivated.
The teachers learnt a lot from the two stalwarts and were inspired to step up their performance.
In addition to that, on 11th Oct 2018, Ms. Neeta Bhanot, the resource person for art and craft at ISE conducted workshop for our teachers on paper craft and model making.