Secondary School Curriculum

Indian School of Excellence is in the process of affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. 2017-18 was the first batch of the school starting from June 2017. Currently the school is admitting students from Nursery to Grade VIII.

Secondary school or high school at ISE is a section that derives strongly from the Creative Teaching Model used extensively in earlier grades. It however increases its emphasis on the formal study and research skills introduced to students at the middle school level. A healthy balance of innovative and traditional teaching methods is struck. This is in recognition of a student’s need to work well and be compatible with educational methods commonly used in higher educational institutions. The school believes that used in conjunction with the ISE methods of teaching, students will reap the benefits of fitting in with higher education curricula and standing out among their peers simultaneously.  

The high school at ISE gives due attention to the demands and rigor associated with preparation for the CBSE board examinations. ISE prides itself in achieving all round excellence and the high accomplishments of its students in the board examinations will be a true testament to the efficacy of its teaching models and philosophy.