Life at ISE


Cultivating leadership is valued. Learning is student-led and so is event organising. 


Sports makes up an essential part of time spent in the school. Achievement in sports is encouraged.


Dance, drama and music aid in the development of the vibrant culture in the school.


The best of talent

Facilitators are accepted into the school after a series of very challenging tests of creativity and attitudes. A secondary requirement is educational qualification and experience at schools of repute.

Creative Learning Model

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Students lead the way by exploring new ideas. Innovation and independence is promoted. Creativity is fostered.

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Facilitators make up the support system and aid students in their quest for new ideas.

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Parents aid the model through support in students’ time away from the school.



Critical thinking – the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn – is at the heart of the revolution informing education philosophy in the twenty-first century.

Paramount for a school is its ability to stimulate curiosity and innovation in learners. The ability to ask the right questions and find solutions is critical to modern success.

Hybrid curriculum

The school is affiliated officially with the CBSE curriculum. However, the taught curriculum in the school is a hybrid which derives from internationally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB). Textbooks used for subjects such as English are ones prescribed for the IB. 

Working collaboratively with the ISE Creative Learning Model, this hybrid curriculum enables the development of an innovative educational framework. Welcome – to the future of schooling. 


Our Programs

Leadership Program

Cultivating leadership is valued. Learning is student-led and so is event organising. Assertiveness and individuality is promoted in classroom behaviour. A sense of responsibility is inculcated through student organisations.

Sports Program

Sports makes up an essential part of time spent in the school. Achievement in sports is encouraged. A choice of sports is presented to each student and their progress in their selected sport is assessed. Participation in competitions is promoted.

Creativity Program

Dance, drama and music aid in the development of the vibrant culture in the school. In addition, ISE is the pioneer in introducing pottery, life-skills and handicrafts as a part of its regular extra-curriculars.

Community Program

Real life community projects aid in students' understanding of society and their responsibility towards it. This is exemplified in the ISE Tree Ownership program in which each student plants and cares for a tree during her time at the school.


Envision to build intellectuals with a spirit of curiosity, diversified talent, operational excellence and a strong spirit to give back to the community.
To be an embracive community dedicated to innovation and excellence in academics and creativity. To emphasise engagement in amassing knowledge aimed at the betterment of the world around us.

Encourage and promote excellence through innovation, creative rigor and pragmatism.

Be honest, transparent and ethical in teaching, research, parent engagement and service.

Accept responsibility for the achievement of common goals and objectives.

Operate in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Support pursuits that access auxilary academic units to build globally recognized capacity.

Engage with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose while having regard for the institution as a whole.

Advisory Board

Chhaya Bhargava

Dr Chhaya Bhargava, holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Rajasthan. Presently she heads an academy that offers guidance in science subjects at the senior secondary level. Dr. Chhaya has been part of a select group of master trainers, chosen by CBSE to design content for NCERT texts as well as teacher’s manuals. She is a source of inspiration to thousands of students who owe their success to her remarkable teaching acumen and she continues to selflessly dedicate herself towards nurturing young minds, with the same zeal and passion with which she began her career.

Sumathi Ravichander

Sumathi Ravichander, is a highly skilled and certified Early Childhood Educator with over 20 years of experience in pre – primary and primary school. She has a strong interest in child development through theme based programs created and implemented by her successfully in various schools across states in India. Dedicated to provide young children with the best possible education and care, she persistently endeavours to create comfortable zones wherein children and parents feel the learning experience is safe and sound.

Mahalakshmi Bhaskar

Ms. Mahalakshmi Bhaskar is a Post graduate in Applied Chemistry from Coimbatore Institute of Technology with Bachelors in Education. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in HR management and a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. She is currently an independent consultant, and executive trainer and mentor, focussing on leadership development. She has been associated with various schools and educational institutions holding different roles from teaching to administration.

Ayush Bhargava

Mr. Ayush Bhargava, is passionate about education, creative learning and digitisation. Ayush completed his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras in 2015 before beginning his career as a management consultant. Ayush has served Avanti as Head of Mentorship for their Pondicherry chapter for over year. He led a team of student mentors and helped over forty underprivileged students succeed in the competitive exams. Ayush also led a Horlicks Toppers program to redesign the style of learning in middle school across India. Ayush volunteered to teach English in monasteries in Ladakh and also helped develop their curriculum. For his contribution to English curriculum design in elementary schools of Tamil Nadu with Eureka, he was offered an internship at MIT’s Department of education.


The school is located in a serene locality removed from the crowd and noise of Bengaluru city and yet easily accessible by a short commute.

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