While at home parents instill values, at school educators reinforce it. At ISE we believe together with the help of the parents and teachers the child grows with the right values and etiquette.


Effective Ways of Inculcating Good Values In Your Children


As a parent, we want to instill good values in our children however this is often easier said than done. Therefore, we have come up with 10 effective tips that will help you accomplish this task. 


  • Be a Good Role Model 

First and foremost, you should set a good example for your children. Always remember that you are their first teacher and hence they will learn from observing you do various tasks and interact with different people throughout the day.

Therefore, if you want your children to exhibit values then you must showcase good qualities in your character. 


  • Apologize whenever required 

Whenever you make a mistake you should not only acknowledge your mistake but also apologize to them whenever required. This not only shows them that you value their thoughts and feelings but also teaches them how they should respect others. 

When you apologize to your children after you make a mistake, you teach them how to accept responsibility for mistakes that are made.


  • Have a conversation on everyday experiences 

Each and every day presents you with an opportunity to teach your children about values. Make most out of these opportunities to start a conversation with your children. This will allow you to give great on-the-spot lessons of good values.


  • Tell them Moral Stories 

Plan some storytime with your children, each exploring a different moral value. While telling them the stories, help your children see that what you’re teaching them about right and wrong behavior.  

When you’re finished telling them the story, talk with them about the specific moral values being taught in the story. 


  • Treasure of personal experiences

We all have a lot of experiences that taught us some valuable lessons. You may share some of those experiences with your children. This is especially effective with older children, who may be facing similar challenges in their life as you did. 


  • Make them accountable for their mistakes

Your children may make mistakes sometimes and whenever they do teach them to take responsibility for their actions. This will make them understand that their mistakes and bad behavior may result in unpleasant consequences.


  • Facing the Challenges

You must give emphasis that your children finish all the projects nicely that they have taken up. This teaches your kids that if they have committed to doing something, they need to follow through on that. By doing so, they’ll develop perseverance and responsibility.


  • Encourage them to help others

Effective Ways of Inculcating Good Values In Your Children, Try to motivate your children to help others in small little things possible to them. This can be as little as talking good words to the sick relatives or making a get well soon card for them. This gives your children the opportunity to develop values like generosity, kindness, compassion, and respect. 


  • Monitor screen time 

While teaching your children good values, you must always keep in mind that you cannot always protect them from everything; you can always limit their exposure to negative things by monitoring their screen time. 

Thus, consider keeping televisions and computers only in areas of your home where the whole family gathers. And in case if your older children have computers in their bedrooms, install parental controls so that they’re not visiting the sites you don’t want them to see.


  • Appreciate Good Behavior

Whenever you observe your children behaving well or doing something good let them know that you are pleased with their good actions. This sincere praise and loving words help to reinforce good behavior that you would like to see in them. 

Inculcating good values onto the young minds of the children will protect them from potential influences of society and lay the foundation for them to be good human beings. 


10 Effective Ways of Inculcating Good Values In Your Children
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